At Cathedral Consulting, our mission is to help businesses and nonprofits grow. We do this by helping companies strengthen their operations through best practices. Our team specializes in automotive leasing and financing, and we’d like to share with you five tools we offer that will help you grow your automotive financing business. 

Grow Your Automotive Financing Business With These Five Tools 

When you work with Cathedral Consulting, you won’t get a one-size-fits-all approach to business growth. We work with each individual client to determine their needs and evaluate how we can best help them. Below, you’ll find five of the tools we offer for business growth. This is not an exhaustive list of our services, and we will work with you to create a plan that suits your specific needs. 

Strategic Planning 

The more you understand a map, the faster you’ll get to where you’re going. Creating a framework and language that defines your business is essential to achieving your goals. With good strategic planning you’ll have answers to the following: 

  • Key initiatives to achieve a 3-year plan 
  • What your quarterly goals are 
  • The current reality of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats 
  • A 1-,3-, and 5-year financial model 

Business /Organizational Assessment 

Understanding the overall health of your business is vital to its success. With the help of trusted advisors, you can get outside insights that offer a new perspective and will help you see your strengths and weaknesses. We use our proprietary Business Done Right™ assessment tool to conduct interviews with your top business leaders so we can determine the following takeaways:

  • What is working and what needs improvement 
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the administrative focus and operating structure 
  • Actionable recommendations 

Financial Systems 

In order to sustain a business and see growth, you’ll need a clear view of where the numbers stand. Our Financial Systems Program offers structural and strategic support to help companies manage their finances more efficiently. We offer the following financial services:

  • Financial Management Reporting Packages 
  • Outsourced Controller Services 
  • CFO Development Program 
  • Controller Development Program 

Monthly Implementation Meetings 

For disciplined focus and additional insights, a monthly board meeting will add tremendous value to your business. Our Monthly Board Services will help your business grow by offering guidance in the following four areas:

  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • People & Culture 
  • Systems & Workflow 

Value Analysis

Here at Cathedral Consulting, we provide valuation analysis that includes the following:

  • Entire business
  • Subsidiaries
  • Joint ventures
  • Equity interests
  • Specific assets

The team at Cathedral Consulting is dedicated to the success and growth of our clients. We believe that with focus and determination, you can achieve your goals. If you’ve been feeling as though you don’t have a clear direction or you simply want to gain some outside perspective, take advantage of our small business consulting services for your automotive financing business. Contact our team today to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 

Our Mission 

Founded in 2004, the concept of Cathedral Consulting is to mirror building a cathedral. If you were to ask two different stonecutters what they’re working on, one might say “cutting stone,” while the other might say, “building a cathedral!” We believe that the difference is perspective, and perspective is what we want to offer to our clients. 

We’re here to bring awareness of today while also providing vision for tomorrow. We want to work with your business to identify needs and create strategies that are both affordable and easy to implement. Should you have any questions for our team, please feel free to reach out — we’d love to speak with you. 

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