In addition to capital, a major benefit our clients receive from their affiliation with Cathedral Finance is access to our business advisory and consulting services offered via Cathedral Consulting. Different companies call for different situations, and our team of experienced and proven consultants is prepared to handle any situation that comes our way. We understand that transitional periods for businesses can be straining, and we require consistent communication and collaboration with businesses who choose us for our expertise. 

Adding an outsider’s perspective to your business strategy is what we want to provide with our scheduled meetings, which is why maintaining regular communication with our clients is so important to us. Customer relationships are one of our top priorities. Our strategic guidance could be exactly what your business needs in order to thrive through change. When our clients are associated with our finance services, they will have access to several services including:


Merger and Acquisitions Support

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Our team has the experience of company sales, acquisitions, mergers, and buy-sell agreements for businesses that have generated high amounts of capital and are going through a transitional period.

Strategic Planning

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In order to assist a company in confidently moving forward, there must be a plan or strategy in place. To do so takes some understanding of the company’s current status through a formal assessment process in order to understand its initiatives. By creating a strategic plan, a company will be enabled to set achievable goals and plan for a successful future.

Business/Organizational Assessment

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We identify business issues that need to be addressed, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the company, examine urgent issues, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Monthly Implementation Meetings

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Designed to systematically move a company forward, our Monthly Board Services meetings will help to review four main points in business in which we affectionately call the Pillars of Value:

  1. Finance and Accounting
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. People and Culture
  4. Systems and Workflow

Executive Coaching

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No matter your position or experience at a company, it is never wrong to have an experienced mentor to help advance your cause. We have the business advisors who have the expertise to help provide insight and give ongoing support in order to accelerate growth.

Financial Systems

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If the numbers in your book are not accurate, then your business is sure to suffer. Cathedral works with our clients to assess current processes and how they can be improved, whether it’s a small tweak or a complete change to a whole system in place.

Corporate Financing

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Financing your business can be difficult, but Cathedral is prepared to assist in the creation of presentations and negotiations with potential funding sources by utilizing sources, including banks, investors, and a variety of asset-based lenders.

Value Analysis

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Systematic assessment of a company’s product is necessary in order to improve the value of goods, products, or services to ensure that the cost is appropriate.

Non-Profit Services

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Using Cathedral’s MIDBI™ (major donors, individuals, donor database, board of directors, and institutions) Fundraising model to work with your organization to establish year-round fundraising goals will help nonprofit organizations to obtain the aid they need.

Our number one goal is to connect businesses with the ideas, people, and resources they need to grow value. As a client of Cathedral Finance, you also benefit from Cathedral Consulting’s services using our creative, flexible, and easy to understand structures.