How will you reach for your potential as a leader? What impact will your business have on those you come into contact with? What will be your legacy when it’s all said and done.

These are the important questions that underpin how we guide our clients through the stages of forming, scaling, and transforming their enterprises.

Having started, built, bought, and sold businesses and non-profits ourselves, we’ve gained valuable experience we are willing to share with others.

Since our founding in 2004, a key aspect of Cathedral is the very concept of building a cathedral. In the middle ages one might enter a village and see two stonecutters at work. Asking one worker what they are doing, one might hear, “cutting stone.” Ask another worker and you could hear, “building the cathedral!”  What’s the difference? Perspective.

It’s often a strategic need or challenge that brings Cathedral into a new client relationship.

But over time, we work to get ahead of crises by developing four key areas we call the Pillars of Value; Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, People & Culture, and Systems & Workflow. When a customer gets these four areas right, the organization they’ve built has real value.

In nonprofits and private company clients, the work being done is more than just a job. It is about building something greater than the individual or the paycheck. At Cathedral Consulting, we see this ethos as central to our services. We exist to help our clients build strong, growing, and valuable enterprises.
Everyone needs outside insights to achieve their best. Our team would be honored to walk alongside you as you reach for your potential and build a winning organization with enduring value.