Director, Operations

Kathy grew up in New Mexico and left the beautiful desert to study International Ministries at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and considers herself a lifelong learner. She has had the opportunity to live in the Southwest, Midwest and now resides in the great state of New Jersey where there is always something new to learn.

Kathy has enjoyed planning and organizing large corporate events, small study group meetings in amazing locations and weekend scrapbooking retreats. She joined Cathedral Consulting in January 2013 and immediately loved being a part of great team in an industry focused on working with small to medium sized business and non-profit organization.

As Director of Operations, she oversees the workings of Cathedral including financial, HR, meeting planning and company development.  Kathy also manages the Online Learning branch of Cathedral, course building and all of the technical aspects of the online training programs for several of our key clients.

When Kathy isn’t logged into a course or reviewing amazing locations for the LCE study groups, you can find her at a basketball game or organizing a scrapbooking retreat. She loves basketball and enjoys many, many games each year either from the stands or as the official scorekeeper. Kathy and her husband have 4 children all living in the Northeast.

Contact Info

PO Box 32, Franklin, NJ 07416

(646) 853-1861