Non-Profit Board Of Directors Building

Board Building helps identify and recruit those individuals who can contribute to the organization in a leadership capacity and relies on the use of existing networks as well as identifying prospective relationships through recommendations and research.

A non-profit Board of Directors should contain three types of members:

  • Donor: it is essential that some board members are Major Donors, who are capable of giving large donations to the organization on a regular basis.
  • Networker: individuals who have an extensive network in their community, they tend to have contacts within local businesses and community organizations. Networkers spread the mission, allowing for growth and strength.
  • Expert: experts are individuals that have a true passion and understanding of the organization and its mission.

It is unlikely that one individual will have all three qualities. Cathedral recommends a board is well-balanced with these three types of members.

A typical methodology for board recruitment is as follows;

  1. Identify the short-term goals for the board of directors
  2. Define the perfect board member profile and role
  3. Identify board member targets and approach
  4. Finalize and prioritize list of target members
  5. Begin approaching board members
  6. On-board new board members.

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