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Tap into cutting edge trends, peer benchmarking data and proven strategies to give you an advantage and stay ahead of your competitors in the industry.

A Trusted Community

Surround yourself with a trusted board of advisors who have been where you are, know the unique challenges you face, and can help you level up.

Access To The Best

Connect with captains of the industry including those who have started, grown and successfully sold companies in the automotive leasing & finance space.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Dear automotive leasing & finance industry leader - 

Have you ever been part of a team that lifts each other up to achieve success and significance? 

Much of the success I've experienced in business can be directly attributed to the mentorship and support I’ve received while participating in small, mission-focused groups. 

It helps to surround yourself with a board of trusted advisors, people who have walked the path you are walking, who can guide your steps.

These peer groups (sometimes called masterminds or "Dealer 20 groups") have been so crucial to the success of many people I know in this industry.

With the issues the industry is facing today, there is no better time than now to join a group of solutions-focused leaders dedicated to keeping each other accountable and staying on the leading edge of innovation. 

That's why we have Leasing Competitive Edge (LCE). It's an invitation only group for industry leaders who:

  • Believe in the value of contribution, mentorship, and serving others.
  • Focus on solutions.
  • Want to grow their company to the next level. 
  • Are committed to showing up every meeting and adding value to others in the group.
  • Want accurate and actionable, “no BS” performance insights.

As a group, we meet throughout the year to share industry insights, strategies, struggles, and opportunities. We invite guest experts in to help us grow our business in key areas and regularly participate in “deeper dives” where individual members gain the full focus of the group to help them overcome roadblocks they are experiencing. Also, we gather together in-person to build relationships, learn and share. 

Leasing Competitive Edge (LCE) offers a unique experience to surround yourself with similarly sized businesses in non-competing markets to allow transparency and confidentiality. LCE is like a "Dealer 20" group on steroids.

Additionally, we provide benchmarking services that foster growth and increased profitability.

Personally, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars over the years to participate in masterminds like this -- and they’ve been worth every penny. And if you ask an LCE member, they'll say the same.

In fact, one LCE member says he can directly attribute over $2 million dollars in additional revenue generated from participating in our group! 

The price to join is currently just $450/mo.

Sound like something that you’d like to join? Please fill out your application below and we'll be in touch with the next step of our vetting process. 

We’ll be limiting each group to 20 members to maximize the experience for all. Applications are considered in the order they are received.

Hope to see your application soon.

Doug Moore
Managing Director of LCE
President of NVLA
Recognized industry veteran of over 30 years

"LCE Has Generated Millions of Dollars"

The ideas shared in LCE that we adopted to our business model have generated millions of dollars of additional revenue. The friendships and contacts made with people in the industry have been invaluable.

Dan Ewald | President of Ewald Fleet Solutions

"A De Facto Board of Directors"

Staying abreast of industry changes, networking with other independent lease company owners and operators and benchmarking our lease setups and closeouts via participating in LCE has been immensely valuable. The group also serves as a de facto Board of Directors and provides a forum and structure where I can work "On" the business rather than "In" the business. It holds me accountable and gets me thinking about longer term goals and objectives.

Nicholas J. Miota | President of Southgate Leasing Services

"Generations of Industry Insights"

What I find most helpful in being a member of LCE are the members. Their honest feedback and the diversity of generations and outlooks helps me make the best decisions for the business. The relationships I have developed are invaluable. If I have a question that can't be answered internally I can rest assured knowing there is a trusted network to call on that is eager to help.

Brenden Somerville | President & CEO of Somerville National Leasing & Rental Ltd. / Zeemac Vehicle Acquisition & Fleet Services

Program Details

*Leading industry performance benchmarking, insights & strategy

*Trusted community of peers

*Access to independent auto leasing & finance industry leaders

*Virtual member calls

*Deeper dives (i.e. individual member spotlights)

*Guest expert presenters

*Annual retreats


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