Monthly Board Services

Every great leader needs a mentor and every great company needs a board.

For public companies, a board connotes oversight but adds value to the executive team through a combination of disciplined focus on the business and additional insights.  Private companies don’t often want that level of scrutiny and haven’t taken the time to recruit trusted advisors to serve as an informal (advisory) or formal (fiduciary) board.

Monthly Board Services meetings are designed to help business owners and leaders grow valuable organizations by applying best practices in four key areas:  Finance & Accounting; Sales & Marketing; People & Culture; and Systems & Workflow.

Meetings are delivered in a monthly 90 minute meeting covering the following agenda that is designed to systematically move the business forward:

  1. Agenda read out
  2. Review of Financial Statements and Benchmarked Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”)
  3. Discussion on driving revenue against established targets
  4. Discussion on execution against plan on strategic initiatives
  5. Board of directors / staff development and utilization
  6. Business system improvement
  7. Leadership Topic of the Month related to key business cycles (link to TOM schedule)
  8. Other strategic issues you wish to discuss
  9. Action item capture and commitments

Our Topics of the Month are designed to bring an outside business perspective o help anticipate operating issues. Topics are designed to provide continuous, incremental knowledge in twelve highly important issues for your business.


These topics include:

Month Topic
January Marketing Strategy
February Tax Planning
March Product Mix
April Financial Statements
May Compensation Planning
June Cash Flow Management
July Systems Management
August Market Position
September Strategic Review
October Year End Maximization
November Budget Planning
December Year Wrap Up

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