Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Company Sale (sell-side) 

Building a valuable business is a major accomplishment and you may only get the chance to sell a business once in your lifetime. You need to ensure that the full value for your business is transferred to you, and that the business you’re selling is handed to the buyer in an organized manner.

Our M&A team is led by experienced executives who have personally built, owned, and sold businesses that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, our deal teams have represented countless business owners walking through the process of exiting their business.

Cathedral is not a business broker or investment banker. We are a trusted consultant and advisor.

We work on behalf of the owner or management team to facilitate a process that maximizes value to the seller and drives the transaction to the desired completion.

In some instances, our clients receive unsolicited offers to buy their businesses and our overall process can be streamlined to fit the need.

In general, Cathedral utilizes the following approach in the sale process:

  1. Assess:
    • Assess the potential value of the business and determine desired price and payment structure
    • Determine that the business is prepared to sell at the value desired
  2. Prepare and Package:
    • Create an information package that communicates clearly with the prospective buyer
    • Prepare a due diligence package
    • Identify a buyer(s)
  3. Introduce:
    • Present the information package to the buyer
    • Receive an Expression of Interest
    • Provide a Due Diligence Package
  4. Negotiate and Close:
    • Design Term Sheet
    • Close the deal

Acquisitions (buy-side)

For those with a strategy and appetite to grow by acquisition, it’s important that you plan right and buy right.

Through the use of a systematic approach, we assist in the acquisition process which includes the analysis and pricing of the target, performing due diligence, and designing a term sheet which will bring the process to a successful closure.

 In general, Cathedral utilizes the following approach in the acquisition process:

  • Assess:
    • Determine how the acquisition fits into company strategy
    • Assess the sources of funding and potential payment structure
  • Prepare and Identify:
    • Identify a target(s)
    • Analyze and price the target company
    • Present an Expression of Interest
  • Negotiate and Close:
    • Perform due diligence
    • Design Term Sheet
    • Close the deal



A successful merger begins with the vision of creating a win-win for all parties. It ends with well with the implementation of a transition plan. 

In general Cathedral utilizes the following approach in the merger process:
  1. Assess and Prepare:
    • Determine how the merger fits with each company’s strategy
    • Review the identified party(s)
    • Determine the vision of the companies to merge and how together  growth will be attained
    • Determine the potential structure of the organization for management, economics, and ownership
  2. Package:
    • Create a merger package that shows the new entity and how the pieces come together
    • The development of a model supplies the economic picture
  3. Negotiate and Close:
    • Determine the compensation and company structure
    • Design Term Sheet which includes a Buy-Sell Agreement
    • Close the transaction
    • Implement the transition plan through the structure of Cathedral’s   Board Services program

Over the last few years Cathedral has really provided sage advice as we’ve been growing our green building companies. They’ve got a team that really loves entrepreneurship and is equipped with different skill sets. If you need help with finances, they've got that covered. Marketing? They've got that too. They also have people who have helped raise money and sell businesses so they can help with that too.  I have really enjoyed working with Seth, Brian and the Cathedral team.

Charlie Cichetti

CEO of Green Building Holdings, LLC

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