Fundraising: The Cathedral MIDBI™ Model

Once an Organizational Assessment is completed and management is receiving monthly insight, the focus of the non-profit’s efforts can return to generating awareness and donations for the organization.

Cathedral’s MIDBI™ Fundraising model works with your organization to establish fundraising plans and goals to ensure funding occurs year-round.

Skyrocket Your Non-profit Fundraising with the MIDBI Calendar WebinarThe primary elements of a sustainable fundraising program are 1) a fundraising culture, 2) a cogent case for support, and 3) a twelve months fundraising calendar that is regularly updated. 

The MIDBI™ Fundraising model helps non-profits focus on the primary sources of support. Regular discussion and tracking provide good management data as well as a calendar of activities to build consistency with your support base and create alignment between the staff and board. MIDBI™ is an acronym of the five major supporters listed below.

  • Major Donors: The first and most important source of funding for non-profits is those individuals who give significant gifts. These donors require a special type of cultivation, and Cathedral’s Major Donor cultivation process will provide an overview of the tools and strategies that lead to major gifts as well as the immediate steps the organization can take to start developing a major gifts program.
  • Individuals: The donors who give smaller amounts through mailings, online, and events can form an important part of your donations. These donors are a key part of community-based organizations, and our process outlines specific strategies to build, engage and upgrade a community of supporters.
  • Donor Database: The most important tool you have is information on your past and future donors. Your donor database is the key to consistent, successful fundraising. Cathedral will help you get the most value out of your database of donors.
  • Board of Directors: A board that is engaged, enthusiastic, and accountable can be a tremendous aid in identifying and targeting major donors. Board Building focuses on creating a balanced board of donors, networkers, and experts.
  • Institutions: Foundations and corporations that align with your mission are an important source of funding. A successful fundraising program includes identification and outreach to foundations, churches, and corporate prospects.

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