Strategic Planning Retreats

3 Steps To Ensure Productivity

Minimum scope for the planning and implementation of a two-day board retreat.

  1. Preparation – coordinate details, prepare materials and agenda, pre-meeting communication
    • Options to include venue, meal, and entertainment
  2. Days of the Event – facilitate both days and sessions, take notes and minutes, and manage the event details
    • Options to include special speakers, personality profiles, and custom exercises
  3. Follow up – send out minutes and follow up literature, post-meeting follow-up with attendees and non-attendees. Provide a detailed action plan with practical next steps for staff and board.
    • Can be used to launch monthly General Executive Counsel meetings

We just felt like they were the right people, highly seasoned business professionals, people of great character and integrity. They were easy and approachable. And Cathedral just helped us be better. We got a better multiple and ultimately a better price and better terms for the deal than we would have even imagined going in

Daniel Adkison

Former President and COO of Wright Business Graphics

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