Corporate Financing

In the context of a good plan, the utilization of debt instruments can be prudent.

We begin with an assessment of need and the best possible sources for funding, followed by the creating of a presentation and introductions and negotiations with potential funding sources.

In a changing environment, Cathedral works to facilitate the funding of the business for growth or current operational needs. Sources might include banks, investors, angels, or a variety of asset-based lenders.

In general, Cathedral utilizes the following approach in the financing process:

  1. Assess:
    • Assess the amount of funds needed and that it will lead to a self-sustaining business
    • Determine the most appropriate source of funds
    • Evaluate the preparedness of the company to approach funding sources
    • Determine adequate cash flow for repayment or adequate ROI
  2. Prepare and Package:
    • Create an information package that is appropriate to the funding source
    • Identify potential funder(s)
  3. Introduce
    • Present the financing package to the funder(s)
    • Follow up with funder(s)
  4. Negotiate and Close.
    • Design Term Sheet or review bank applications
    • Close the transaction

We just felt like they were the right people, highly seasoned business professionals, people of great character and integrity. They were easy and approachable. And Cathedral just helped us be better. We got a better multiple and ultimately a better price and better terms for the deal than we would have even imagined going in

Daniel Adkison

Former President and COO of Wright Business Graphics

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