In the context of a good plan, the utilization of debt instruments can be prudent.

We begin with an assessment of need and the best possible sources for funding, followed by the creating of a presentation and introductions and negotiations with potential funding sources.

In a changing environment, Cathedral works to facilitate the funding of the business for growth or current operational needs. Sources might include banks, investors, angels, or a variety of asset-based lenders.

In general, Cathedral utilizes the following approach in the financing process:

  1. Assess:
    • Assess the amount of funds needed and that it will lead to a self-sustaining business
    • Determine the most appropriate source of funds
    • Evaluate the preparedness of the company to approach funding sources
    • Determine adequate cash flow for repayment or adequate ROI
  2. Prepare and Package:
    • Create an information package that is appropriate to the funding source
    • Identify potential funder(s)
  3. Introduce
    • Present the financing package to the funder(s)
    • Follow up with funder(s)
  4. Negotiate and Close.
    • Design Term Sheet or review bank applications
    • Close the transaction

Case Study: Cathedral worked with a buyer to negotiate the purchase of a professional services firm and simultaneously secure the funding to complete the acquisition. A financial model was vital to demonstrate adequate ROI to the investor.

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