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At Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC we help small and mid-sized private companies and non-profit organizations to grow their enterprises through the implementation of best practices. As growth requires a vision for tomorrow and an awareness of the needs of today, Cathedral works alongside clients to identify the needs in their company or organization and implement strategies to benefit them in the short and long-term.

Understanding Your Competition

It is crucial for a company to understand their market, A major component of this understanding is answering the question: “Who is my competition?”. Cathedral Consulting Group has found that many small businesses cannot accurately identify their competition and therefore struggle to differentiate their products and services within the market. Knowing who you’re competing with for sales will help you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will make it possible to differentiate your company from your competitors in the eyes of customers. This process can also help determine the market size and your market share, and define whether or not your company has a niche.
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Leasing Competitive Edge

Cathedral is excited to announce Leasing Competitive Edge, a new initiative devoted to grow, create value, and strengthen its automotive and equipment leasing clients.

As a member of Leasing Competitive Edge (LCE), participants receive counsel on growing their company, statistical company comparisons, selling strategies, new profit opportunities, successful marketing ideas, and more. Tri-annual conferences bring together non-competitive peers to discuss improved operational ideas and industry trends with experts.
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Upcoming Events

Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC is pleased to announce our expansion to Europe with the launch of CCG Nederlands, based in Amsterdam. Headed by Rachelle Bottenbley, the office is serving clients in The Netherlands and across Europe. Dutch Translation