Financial Systems

Accounting is the language of business. It’s the scorecard.

The numbers define reality, so the number need to be timely, relevant, and accurate. Trying to run a business without good numbers has been equated to flying blind.

One of the first things Cathedral seeks to do in a new engagement is to quickly assess what it will take to get accurate numbers in a timely manner.

Sometimes it’s as simple as tweaking a few things and tightening up internal process. Sometimes a business has outgrown its old systems or even its staffing competencies. Whether a small change or a wholesale make-over, we have the experienced staff to efficiently design, implement, and oversee Financial Systems for businesses of every size.

The Financial Systems Program provides strategic and structural support to help owners manage their businesses more efficiently, with appropriate delegation, and oversight.

This includes implementing solutions that provide management with the necessary information reports to make informed decisions.

Types of Services:

  • Financial Systems Assessment
    • A comprehensive snapshot and diagnostic report of your current financial systems.
  • Financial Management Reporting Packages
    • Report decks generated monthly or as needed for board and executive meetings, financing support, or M&A activity
  • Outsourced Controller Services
    • For companies that need to better integrate and utilize their systems
  • CFO Development Program
    • For established companies that need their existing Controller to take on a more “C Suite” role
  • Controller Development Program*
    • For start-ups and established companies that need an Office Manager or Bookkeeper to take on Controller level responsibilities

Benefits of a Financial Systems Implementation:

  • Build into the company the systems and practices that will sustain growth
  • Support an appropriate level of oversight of operations that support executive level decision making
  • Support efficient and effective management across the firm, including strategic communication, organization design, working capital, and capital structure management as well as operational management

We just felt like they were the right people, highly seasoned business professionals, people of great character and integrity. They were easy and approachable. And Cathedral just helped us be better. We got a better multiple and ultimately a better price and better terms for the deal than we would have even imagined going in

Daniel Adkison

Former President and COO of Wright Business Graphics

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